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Two Steps to a Better SpareMin Profile

A lot of people have asked me what to do to make the most out of their SpareMin profile. There are really only two things to do: Improve your bio, and do an intro recording.

Step 1 – Bio

After you have downloaded the iOS or Android app and logged in via Facebook or Linkedin, you’ll be prompted to enter your Bio. This is your chance to let people know what you are on SpareMin to talk about. If there are many topics you’d like to take calls about, put them all into your bio, more people will find you and send you talk requests.

Some current SpareMin users include investors, entrepreneurs, pastors, comedians, podcasters, bloggers, and authors. Be sure to include a few keywords around areas of interest as well. For example, entrepreneurs and investors often put in their school affiliations, any groups they are active in, notable companies they have been a part of, etc. For a pastor, this may include areas of worship, congregation name, and location. It’s up to you, so feel free to make your bio long or shot, just keep in mind that this is the main way people find you on the app.

Step 2 – Intro Recording with @SpareMinIntro

The next step that I encourage everyone to do is to send a talk to request to SpareMinIntro. This is a great way for you to introduce yourself to the community and be featured on the platform. Essentially, it is just a 5 minute long chat with someone from our team about what you’re up to. You can use it to promote yourself, your company, your book, or just to have a short conversation and give everyone a sense of who you are. To do that, just send a talk request here, you’ll be notified via push notification and email when SpareMinIntro is available. You can then call in and do your intro call.

Thanks for checking out SpareMin. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a talk request, I’m one of the founders and @Ohwellington on SpareMin.




Oliver WellingtonTwo Steps to a Better SpareMin Profile