Sheetal Sheth
Listen to part of Sheetal's call with March Women's History Month winner Jennifer Boyd! #SSTalks
Apr 12, 2017
Sheetal makes another appearance on Sheena's popular LA Talk Radio show. They talk Trump, the ever changing times of the business & juggling it all. And as always, they break it down and keep it real.
Mar 15, 2017
Sheetal and @Aasif talk all things #oscar. Predictions, live tweeting, how to watch and if they believe #Trump really doesn't care. #SSTalks
Feb 23, 2017
Sheetal called into 'Sunny and Shay,' a popular BBC London radio show to talk media and entertainment under a Trump presidency. 1/22/17.
Feb 08, 2017
In spite of a spotty signal, Melecia was able to share some special Gujarati with Sheetal! #fanchats
Dec 20, 2016