Frequently Asked Questions

Headliner FAQs

What does Headliner do?

Headliner makes it easy to turn your audio into full featured videos.  You can do a simple audiogram with one image and a waveform or make a very custom video with many images and text changes.  Just pick on the various project types – Audiogram, Automated, or Blank Project to get started.  More details can be found within Headliner and feel free to contact support with more questions.

How can I try out Headliner?
Want to try out headliner? Sign up here:
How much does Headliner cost?

Currently Headliner is free, we do have some paying corporate customers who have their own requirements.  We will always have a free tier available for our users.

Image FAQs

Where do your images come from?

Every account has access to images from Google, Bing, and Pixabay. People living in the USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, Canada, and Australia also have access to Getty Images

How much do images cost?

Currently you can access all of the images for free. Yup, it’s nuts. 

Who can use Getty Images and are there any restrictions?

Getty Images are available to users in the following territories: The United States, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and Germany.  These images can only be used for editorial use.  (More details in our Image Terms of Service.)

What are the restrictions on the Google and Bing Images?

The Google and Bing images you see in Headliner are CC images have been marked for commercial reuse with modification.  (More info in our Image Terms Of Service.)

What are the restrictions on the Pixabay Images?

All of the images from Pixabay are CCO – free to use. You can read more about them here.  (More details can be found on our Image Terms of Use.)

Are my uploaded images private?

Yes, everything you upload including your images is completely private to your account.

Audiogram FAQs

What happened to Audiogram?

We took all the functionality from audiogram and brought that into Headliner.

Mobile App FAQs

Do you have a mobile app?

Headliner is built for desktops and tablets.  For video creation and editing, we don’t support mobile currently.  Our current mobile apps allow you to record audio and publish it out to the web.  They work in conjunction with Headliner and Audiogram.  You can find our mobile apps in the app stores (iOS/iTunes and Android/Play).

Is there any advantage to using the mobile app with Headliner?
Yes, your calls are automatically available and you can use the same email based login
What does your Mobile App Do?

SpareMin for iOS and Android is the easiest way to record and share your thoughts and conversations with the world. It’s as easy as hitting record, or making a phone call.

Use it to create podcasts with a friend or family member, or to interview people on topics that you care about. Make memories or build your brand as an influencer – the possibilities are endless!

1. Record yourself, call a friend through SpareMin, or receive an external call via your personal dial-in number to get your thoughts out there.
2. Talk about anything you want! The call is automatically recorded and saved.
3. Keep your recording private, or publish and share on social media.

Fun features:
– External calls: Use your personal dial-in number to take calls with people not on the app.
– Built-in trimming tool: Edit your calls after they’re done.
– Own your recordings: Your calls can be downloaded and re-purposed for your podcast, social media, or website.
– Free international calling: All calls are over wifi or data.