Why use SpareMin?

You have amazing conversations with the people in your life – so why not share them? SpareMin can be used for recording and sharing phone interviews (a godsend if you do a lot of them for school or work!) but also just for sharing your best conversations, with the best people in your life. If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a podcast, or hosting a radio show, this is the perfect way to jump right in. Get started by doing a solo recording and then call a friend to record a conversation.

How do I Embed a SpareMin call on my Website or Blog?

Find the call you want to embed via the SpareMin App. Next, share the call link with yourself. Navigate to the call via a web browser, then copy the embed code via the arrow icon (it’s right under the call object, next to the twitter icon). Finally, paste the embed code into your website.

Do I have to log in through Facebook or LinkedIn?

While Facebook and LinkedIn will make the entire signup process easier, you can also use your email account.  If you are worried about using your Facebook or LinkedIn login, don’t worry, we’ll never post to either website without your permission.

Does the other person need the app to record a conversation?

No, you can use the dial-in or dial-out feature to talk to someone not on the app.  Note the quality of calls via dialing in and out aren’t as good as calls when both people are on the app.  Also, currently we only support dialing out to US people (anyone from anywhere in the world can call dial-into your number though).

How do I find calls to listen to?

Tap ‘search’ in the app, and type in the topic or person you’re interested in. Be sure to tag your own recordings by topic, and fill in the description, to make it easier for other people to find you.

Can I download the audio file of my call for my own use?

Absolutely! Simply open the ‘share’ link in your browser, where you’ll be able to download the audio file as an MP3.