SpareMin founders Neil Mody and Oliver Wellington have always had a great interest in content – both in terms of creation and consumption. In 2009 when blogging hit its peak, they had an idea that reader experience could be improved if there were a more seamless way to discover relevant online content based on your interests. This led them to start nRelate, a company they built from the ground up and eventually sold to IAC in 2012.

In today‚Äôs media, publishing and marketing landscape, Neil and Oliver saw a similar untapped opportunity in audio. They also saw a challenge and pain point for most people, where recording and sharing audio content online was just too complex. The belief that it should be just as easy to create and share audio content as it is for videos or photos was the genesis for SpareMin. Today, it’s the easiest way for journalists, publishers, brand marketers and any content creator to record and share audio online.