My dad talks about the lessons his dad taught him, taking responsibility, and all the different ways to "be there" when you can't always be there. #RoleModelDads
Jun 16, 2017
My mom explains how the lessons she learned from her mother helped her develop strong relationships with her children. #rolemodelmoms #callyourmom
May 06, 2017
My dad talks about his Aunt Ruby -- child of the Depression, #WWII riveter, shrewd investor, and an example of joy for two generations of nieces and nephews. #EverydayGood
Jan 05, 2017
My dad talks about how his cool-headed, German-speaking, farmer grandpa influenced his faith, career and character. #EverydayGood
Dec 16, 2016
My dad talks about his personal and scholarly relationship to the #Bible. #OnReligion #OnBooks
Oct 03, 2016