Alan Lohr
I own and operate RDSN. My network consists of 4 radio stations. I produce & host a Saturday show with celebrities and local and national bands that perform live. I have been producing radio shows for years. I've done voiceovers for commercials & Trailers. Worked FM radio. KROQ, KPFK, KCSN. KCRW.
BuddhaMan's Musicians Corner #600 * Peace Activist Michael Clark. The 600th interview! Thank you Michael. https://www.patreon.com/michaelclarkj
Sep 04, 2017
BuddhaMan's Musicians Corner #599 * Konrad Nikiel Krakow, Poland. Clock Machine. YouTube Video Do Slow. https://www.facebook.com/clockmachinepl/
Aug 31, 2017
BuddhaMan's Musicians Corner #598 * Author/filmmaker Jill Gambaro. 84% of musicians suffer from repetitive injuries. Icky Fingers is the title of the Documentary. Please donate. http://kck.st/2iqP5BX
Aug 29, 2017
BuddhaMan's Musicians Corner #597 * Lee Pugh, Wales, UK. The Puss Puss Band. Latest Echoes across the Cruel Sea. https://thepusspussband.bandcamp.com
Aug 28, 2017
BuddhaMan's Musicians Corner #596 * Singer/songwriter Verity White, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. I don't Care is the single. http://www.veritywhite.com
Aug 24, 2017