Early 2017, we started hosting WNYC’s audiogram tool.  Over the course of the year, with your input, we made some major enhancements to the tool. But, there were features that we couldn’t fit into it, so we created our own.  Headliner has been built from the ground-up by our team so that you can create simple audiograms and more advanced social videos.

Here are some of the ways Headliner goes beyond audiogram:

  • Projects – Save drafts and go back to your past work
  • Transcripts – With editing and closed captions (caption styling releasing very soon!)
  • Built-in image search – Need images for your audio? We can help you through searching Google and Bing for CC images
  • Text and Image Transitions – Add in various text and image transitions and effects to make your videos more engaging
  • Preview – No need to wait on export to see the final product
  • No Queue – Audiogram was so popular that we had to queue users – we revamped video processing to be distributed, so no more waiting in line to get your video
  • Intro/Outro Videos & Network Bug – These features came out of some work we did for a few larger brands and makes it easy to include your company branded videos and logo

With change comes the potential for frustration, so we made a wizard to guide you through making the audiograms you know and love.  The wizard is the first selection you will find under the New Project area.

After you select it, just follow the steps.  Once you are finished, you will be dropped into our editor.  Now, you should be ready to go with a complete audiogram project. You can fully preview, edit, or just go straight to export.  If you need more assistance, we put together a complete step-by-step guide here. As always, feel free to chat with us or contact support.