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Wrapping up #RoleModelDads: David Radcliff remembers his dad, reflects on his dad's lasting influence, & offers encouragement to those going through their first Father's Day without their father.
Jun 17, 2017
My dad talks about the lessons his dad taught him, taking responsibility, and all the different ways to "be there" when you can't always be there. #RoleModelDads
Jun 16, 2017
Blogger and graphic designer Brent Almond talks about creativity in parenting and the challenges (and victories!) LGBTQ families face. #RoleModelDads
Jun 15, 2017
My brother Phil talks about what he learned from our dad, his own priorities as a father, and his advice to new step-dads. #RoleModelDads
Jun 15, 2017
Dad blogger Mike Reynolds talks about improvised storytelling, raising empowered girls, and challenging other dads to be cool about menstruation. #RoleModelDads
Jun 07, 2017