Abi Wurdeman
I am a #comedy #writer living in #LA and exploring larger issues like #religion, #diversity, and #sexism through series of human conversations. Like a conversation? Look for the "#On___" hashtag for more of the same!
#WomensTroubles: Episode 9 - Why brunch is feminist, and why you should buy your mama a mimosa this Mother's Day.
May 10, 2017
My mom explains how the lessons she learned from her mother helped her develop strong relationships with her children. #rolemodelmoms #callyourmom
May 06, 2017
Phil Wurdeman talks about #moms -- what he learned from his mom and what he admires about his wife. Also, we debate when Mother's Day actually is. #RoleModelMoms
May 05, 2017
Writer Elizabeth Aquino talks about how #blogging builds community, being an advocate for her daughter, and how we can all speak out against #AHCA. #RoleModelMoms
May 05, 2017
#WomensTroubles Episode 8: Ida B. Wells, the history of lynching black men for the sake of white women, and the modern-day division between white feminists and feminists of color.
Apr 26, 2017