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Why SpareMin?


We generate thousands of videos a week for top radio producers and podcasters around the world.

Easy Audio to Video

With Headliner, we transcribe your audio, find keywords, and match them to the right images and videos.

Free to Use

We support all creators.  Our free tier is feature rich with enough tools and capabilities to create engaging videos.
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From simple audiograms to compelling social video

Audio to Video Made Easy!

Headliner includes three project templates:

  • Audiogram: allows you to make quick social videos with one image and a waveform
  • Blank Slate: lets you jump right into the editor
  • Automated: automatically processes your audio and suggests images to create a much more compelling video like the one shown here

No matter what you select, you can still adjust the images as you see fit, adjust the text, import an intro/outro video, and hit export.  Social Video creation made easy.

Example Videos