Making conversations possible again.


Why SpareMin

We are all busier than ever, but there are still opportunities to connect with people in your spare time.

  • No Scheduling Needed

    SpareMin uses push notifications to let callers know when the right time to call you is.

  • Share Your Best Calls

    Have a great conversation? Share it with the world to build your reputation.

  • All Calls are Timed

    All calls automatically end after 5 minutes. You’ll never be stuck on an awkward call again.

  • Works Anywhere

    No matter where you live, as long as you have a smartphone, you can use SpareMin.

All Types of Conversations

SpareMin is designed to bring authentic conversations to life. Calls can be kept private or shared with the world. Here are a few of the many ways people are currently using SpareMin

  • Comedians Recording Micro-Podcasts
  • Students and Alumni Connecting for Career Advice
  • Investors Taking Pitches from Entrepreneurs
  • Authors Talking Directly with Their Fans
  • Pastors Hosting Weekly Q&A
  • Volunteering in Your Free Time
  • Experts Connecting with Future Clients
  • Thanks to SpareMin I no longer have to hold my phone to my computer and do a little rain dance to get a quick interview.

    Mike Blejer Comedian
  • SpareMin makes it easy to listen to pitches and give feedback, without the hassle of scheduling

    Jay Bhatti VC, Entrepreneur
  • SpareMin is the easiest way to conduct quick interviews for my Podcast

    Graham Elwood Podcaster,Comedian

Get it now

SpareMin is available for iOS and Android