The easiest way to share your conversations.


What’s SpareMin?

It’s the easiest way to record and share conversations on the phone. Perfect for interviews, micro-podcasting, random chats with friends and family – or anything else you can think of!

  • Automatic Recording

    No complicated software or set-up required.

  • Scheduling Simplified

    Push notifications let you know when both you and your friend are free!

  • Free, International Calling

    Works anywhere, anytime.

  • Stay On Track

    Time your calls anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes.

Why SpareMin?

Share what you love, and who you love, with the world.

  • Recap your favorite TV shows with your best friend.
  • Record and organize interviews for your research project.
  • Call your professional mentor to discuss career advice & trends.
  • Check in with your fantasy football league.
  • Start a micro-podcast on anything from parenting to budgeting.
  • Call your Mom and talk to her about anything.
  • Thanks to SpareMin I no longer have to hold my phone to my computer and do a little rain dance to get a quick interview.

    Mike Blejer Comedian
  • SpareMin makes it easy to listen to pitches and give feedback, without the hassle of scheduling

    Jay Bhatti VC, Entrepreneur
  • SpareMin is the easiest way to conduct quick interviews for my Podcast

    Graham Elwood Podcaster,Comedian

Get it now

SpareMin is available for iOS and Android

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